Free? Wait, you’re willing to do this for free….

31 Aug

Hello all!

It has been about 9 days since I started my blog and I must say I really need to be more intense about  doing this so I am making a goal to not let 7 days go by before posting. But part of the reason, I have been neglecting my blog is I am still waiting for pictures on the event that inspired this blog. The other part of the reason is that it is apparently hard work offering your free event planning service to people. Believe it or not, people always believe that you want something for something and rightly so, I want experience and indeed to grow my network in exchange for assisting with your event!

So, for the past week and a half, I had been reaching out to local businesses, especially in the Lincoln Park area where I live, to see if they need any event planning services. It seems that people were less excited about free help than I was. I was a little stunned to be honest. I am a recent college graduate after all, and you mention the word “FREE” to a college student and that usually means “GOOD.”

Alas, last week Thursday, I did something kind of bold. I had been following Nicole Crimaldi on twitter since moving to Chicago in June. Nicole Crimaldi s Chicago’s very own “Ms. Career Girl.” She organizes workshops and networking events as well as presentations to empower women in their career.  I emailed Nicole and she got back to me and we decided we would meet for coffee (a.k.a tea for me).

My meeting with Nicole was a breath of fresh air. She is young, spunky,  and just an amazing person to sit down and chat with. We talked about “our stories” and our schools. We talked  about school, life, boys and weddings (I had an engagement party to attend that day and she just recently got engaged).  We also talked about me helping Nicole with her upcoming event for Ms Career girl-her Ms Career Girl Connect series with September’s topic being on “Personal Finances.”

Of course, I was ecstatic. I had left the meeting feeling I had made a new friend especially after a week of feeling like no one wants free help ( although a couple of people have gotten back to me since then).  Nicole gave me the much needed boost of confidence and as I work with her on Ms. Career Girl, I look forward to getting to know her better and I will certainly post on what I’m doing for the upcoming September event as we gear up for it in the next two to three weeks.  I do have a couple of my assignments underway already which has mostly been outreach to local businesses, bloggers and women’s organizations in Chicago but Nicole is certainly keeping me busy!

So to all Chicago professional women, be sure to check out the Ms. Career Girl Event coming on  September 22nd at 6pm.,  for an evening of real “personal finances” talk, networking with young professionals as well as a dinner, not to mention going home with a gift bag! All for only $15.  Sound like a bargain, if you ask me. Here’s the link:


2 Responses to “Free? Wait, you’re willing to do this for free….”

  1. Nicole Crimaldi (@MsCareerGirl) August 31, 2011 at 7:39 pm #


    I too left our meeting feeling totally ecstatic about working together and felt like I gained a new friend! You are a truly amazing young lady and I cannot wait to watch your career grow. Your job search & networking strategy is brilliant. Keep up the great work. I’ll be sure to recommend you to all!



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