Do Work!

6 Sep

Phew, just made it… I had made a promise to myself to not let 7 days pass before I post so I am intensely trying to keep that promise.

Well, the last seven days were quite eventful. I have actually started doing some real event planning stuff for Ms. Career Girl:  email marketing, local business outreach, contacting caterers, social media outreach, etc. I really feel like I’m getting some experience! And although I am sitting down at a computer setting a lot of these things up, it’s been work and I have liked it.

The last week was also quite interesting because I met and networked with some Chicago folks including Tiffany English, an event marketer in Chicago who is targeting small business and is doing so solo for now at VelvetStyle .  Her story was quite interesting and I can say I learned a thing or two.

Probably, the best thing about last week was getting some interviews for some event planning and event marketing opportunities! Just what an event marketing rookie wants.  Of course, not everyone has got back to me but it was still exciting. What wasn’t exciting was receiving a rejection, literally in the last hour.  Ironically, I had just written on my personal blog ( about Ups and Downs and I guess I will have to be taking my advice and I believe I am.

If there is anything this process has taught me or rather this summer has taught me, despite literally 99% of my initial plans crumbling before my eyes, it is that I am a winner.  A winner because I never quit and I always achieve. Sometimes that means chasing a new goal as I find myself doing but a winner at heart is a winner at heart, no matter what dream they’re chasing. My mother always says that every disappointment is a blessing in disguise.  Rejections are blessings too, then.  I know that I am a hard worker, who is persistent and passionate.  And when I get that chance and I will, I cannot wait to give it 100% of what I’ve got.

I guess that’s why I am really trying to “Do Work” with Ms Career Girl. I have to remind myself that this is NOT my 40/50/60 hour per week job.  Still, Nicole gave me a chance by allowing me to jump on the team and thus, I feel a sense of loyalty to her and to Ms Career Girl already and I am proud to be a representative. I am also geeked to have a mscareergirl email account. 🙂

Anyway,  as I continue to do work on Ms Career Girl’s September 22nd event I have to remind myself not to get too carried away and to also continue to “do work” on my job search because until I have that offer for my reasonably ideal entry-level job and I accept it, I am still the unemployed eventmarketingrookie…..but hopefully not for too long!


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