Art, Art and More Art: The Lincoln Park Art Faire…belated

20 Sep

Exactly ten days ago, I went to the Lincoln Park Art Faire. Why am I only telling you this now? Well, the eventmarketingrookie has been working hard at this Thursday’s event, and then also I have been quite sick. So unfortunately this is a rather belated post. But, I did meet some amazingly creative people at the Faire, and rather than chalk it up, I felt its better late than never. The good thing about doing this late is to also realize who was memorable and who wasn’t. So for better or for worse, I’m doing a much shorter post than I would be doing which is probably a good thing. But, if you want to be talked about you have to be memorable to your audience, and that is just one of the first rules of marketing. Another rule of marketing is that you can only do so much, so unfortunately, even if the artist was memorable, I had to make cuts. What does this mean? Well there were many painters, clothes and accessories designers, photographers, but with a few exceptions, I’m only showing my favorite in each category. Although I must say there are some that are just in a category of their own which is why those made the cut too! Enjoy!

 Eleven Eleven Jewelry come in all shapes and sizes as well as colors and are all unique pieces. I was also quite impressed that the owner was actually teaching people how to make thes too. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, ElevenEleven invites all to “wish upon a jewel.” To find out more  go to or shoot them an email at elevenelevenjewelry

  This next picture was the first of many paintings that I came across and for some reason, I was instantly drawn by it. I had an opportunity to talk at length with the artist, Michael McNeal, and I found out a little bit more about it. He told me that he was drawn to this hat and asked the girl who was wearing it to take a picture. Well, the picture was taken and turned into a painting, one that if I could afford it, would be hung upon my kitchen! To look at more of Michael’s work and perhaps get this beautiful painting before I do, go to or contact him directly at 309-378-2338. But FYI, he’s in Bloomington, IL and he must be a busy man because its by appointment only.

So as I mentioned earlier, I had a few exceptions to my only one in each category rule-here’s the first. A piece called “Crazy Girls.” Talking to Tiphanie, the artist, she said the fact that every girl has a wild side inspired this piece. You can see why I like it…But seriously, Tiphanie was probably one of the most personable people I met and took some time to tell me a little bit about herself and her artwork. To find out more about this very talented and awesome lady, go to Truly, amazing stuff.

 What do your coasters look like? Well, I can tell you mine don’t look like anything I saw at “Stella Alily'”s at the Faire. These amazing pieces are made with a photo transfer process. I don’t know too much about that either. I am an event marketing rookie, not a photographer! But they look fabulous, and as soon as I get my own apartment, I’ll be giving Juana Ryan, the photographer, a call. You can shoot her an email at or log on to

 The bathroom is a personal place and not one when where you can usually have your favorite sports teams, band, etc at your disposal. But that’s all changed with spray painted toilet seats. There is no need to say more-this is just plain cool.  Go to where you’ll find this creativity can extend to cases, mirrors and frames and if the toilet seats are enough for you, here’s the contact info:

Eric Erf Wood Designs is in a few words: renewable, sustainable, functional art. I would love to take credit for the description but those are the exact words on his card and sometimes its just better to leave the artist to use his words. Truly something cool and kinda weird but in a “cool weird” kind of way. Literally, bird houses made from barn. I was fascinated.  Own one of these and you’re probably owning wood from over 100 years. Weird and cool! Go to or contact the artist at

Have you ever come across pictures that just made you feel sophisticated and calm? I have. These are Dawn Heitsch photos and even looking at these pictures from a computer gives calm. I actually took a few more of Dawn’s pictures for keepsake so that anytime I need some “namaste” while working at the computer, they’ll be right there. To get some more of Dawn’s calming pictures, look her up at the Andersonville galleria ( or go straight to Dawn’s website at

Another exception to my  “one in each category” rule, Katie Clogan does photography that is about the everyday beauty that surrounds her and goodness, is it beautiful. Her pictures are exquisite and remind us that beauty is in the ordinary, we just have to open our eyes, but it goes without saying that Kate would capture it better than most of us. To find out more about Colgan photography, look her up on facebook and to contact her directly, be sure to reach out to her at

So, we’ve come to the end of the road, well almost. Below, was my favorite display at the Lincoln Park Art Faire. It is called “Something by Mary” and it is hand woven fabric, out of Wisconsin by the way. Why is it my favorite? Maybe because I love clothes, and especially scarfs. But mostly it is because Mary Delgado and her son who was with her, really took the time to get to know me and tell me about them and ask me about me. And with that, they were probably the best marketers there! These scarves will be some of my “me” presents to myself once I get that full time job. .  But till then, I am showcasing them to you with the hope that by the time I call Mary, there’ll be a few left. Here’s a video enlightening us all  about this very wearable art:

You can contact Mary at 414-444-2365 or And you should certainly visit her site at Thanks for reading! And always feel free to comment-let me know which art tickles your fancy for example.




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