Here’s to my first MsCareerGirl event…

21 Sep

For a month now,  I have been working on the staff of to plan tomorrow’s networking event.

MsCareerGirl or Nicole Crimaldi is an inspiration to young women getting into their careers. Nicole started this as “her side” job a few years ago as a way to empower women through workshops, blogging and events that spark the interest of women in business.

So how have I been able to contribute to this one-woman carer army? Well, by doing what I do best: events coordination. Nicole, kindly gave me the title of “Events Coordinator” and my own MsCareerGirl email address (I was especially “geeked” about this).  So I have been helping with reaching out to caterers (which wasn’t the easiest), connecting with local businesses in Chicago, and meeting random people everywhere to promote the event. There’s been a lot of email marketing, social media marketing and a lot more word of mouth (my specialty).

Then of course I was able to execute some of her ideas, like creating a stream for the event tomorrow. If you’re a career woman not in Chicago, here’s the link: (If you are a Career woman in Chicago and are reading this, I will be expecting you to be there) 🙂 However, probably my favorite part of event management- “gameday”- happens tomorrow. Apart from coordinating the usual “pre-event” things, I will be administering the raffle, the gift bags and be in charge of streaming. A little bit in front of the scenes and a little bit behind the scenes, a good balance, I think. Plus I am also mentally preparing myself for managing for the unexpected, which tends to happen more often that not at events.

All in all,  I just wanted to do one final outreach to all the career women in Chicago: be sure to make tomorrow night a professional ladies evening! Although we have hit our target of 80 guests, we would love a couple more. Doesn’t matter if you’re single, married, 21 or 31, an artist or in corporate, we would love to see you there! We’ll all get a much needed talk on “personal finances,”  dinner, and if you’re one of the first 65 guests, a MsCareerGirl gift bag with goodies. Most importantly, you’ll  meet new business connections and girlfriends!  All for only $15. Register till 2 p.m. at  but if you are one of those slow pokes it will cost you $20 at the door. Starts at 6p.m and its at Proof Chicago. Address: 1045 N Rush Street Chicago, IL

This is my first real event that I have helped plan in detail since I became the eventmarketingrookie so I guess I just wanted to let everyone know how excited I am! (Hopefully, I can get some pictures of my own too!). What are you doing Thursday night? And let me know what would make you go to a networking event?




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