And the event was….

3 Oct

In one word: successful! Firstly, I have to apologize for not keeping up my goal of not letting a week pass by before I post. Its been far more than that. This time, I have no real excuse but a lack of motivation. Last week was rough. If you’ve ever been through a job hunt, you know what I mean. It was “one of those weeks” but I managed to pick myself up and get back on my feet over the weekend. What can I say: even the best fall down sometimes, right?

Anyway, the 9.22 event went extremely well. Sure there were glitches such as the microphone having trouble and then there was no  LIVE streaming due to the location in the process of changing something in its internet service but as I said in my last post, expect the unexpected.  All in all,  we had over 90 RSVPs and there were approximately over 80 people there. But more importantly, everyone had a wonderful time and those are the things that good events are made of. Here are couple of pictures and their tags to show you what I mean:

First of all below we have Nicole Crimaldi, the founder of  and the host of the event. She was charming, hilarious and real. She came up with the theme “Personal Finances” because it’s an awkward topic that a lot of people tend to run away from! (Classic Nicole, always saying what everyone is thinking.) She also chose it because it is necessary to talk about personal finances as a young professional and with her wit, the pill of personal finances talk was swallowed well.

Then, there was the awesome panel. The ladies who were on our panel worked in finance, real estate and  insurance. My favorite was a Dami Olotu who I met a few weeks earlier. Dami works for Nationwide Mutual as Financial Representative (She’s the girl you want to call to plan out your short and long-term financial goals.) But here are the lovely ladies whose seats were reserved:

Then, there were the lovely gift bags (which I got to arrange and greet people with) that contained some goodies for the ladies to take home with them. But really, the bag was the best goodie if you ask me:






….And here I am with some of our gift bag arrangements: (Believe it or not, I was doing work. Well, I guess it doesn’t feel like work when it’s FUN)






Then there was the lovely food. Below are some lovely desserts from the Twisted Cookie (which you will be hearing more about soon.) I tried one of these…okay, it was more like three or four but I was hungry and they were amazing. Feel free to order directly from Joana at

The location too was amazing. It was the perfect, “anything fun and social takes place here “feel.” So if you’re looking for that social place or to host a private event, I suggest going to and checking them out yourself. What’s the name, you ask? Read below:





One person’s pic I wish I could tag is Joy Turner, the girl behind these photos. Her day job is an accountant but her “hobby” as a photographer is very impressive. So if you need a good photographer for a wedding, fashion or a real life event, reach out to Joy at

So, there you have it. Now what is the eventmarketingrookie up to next? Well, first of all, a lot more LinkedIn applications, a couple of interviews coming up and some meetings with recruiters. But it’s not all work, work, work 🙂 has got two more events this year: another networking/panel coming up in November and a holiday party in December that I will be helping to plan. I guess you could say I am an official part of the team. Finally, I have a pretty SWEET project I’m working on for my next local businesses entry so stay tuned and as always, tell me what you think about my post, what I am doing right or wrong and how you measure the success of an event that you attend!




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  1. Nancy October 3, 2011 at 9:59 pm #

    I have fallen in love with career girl.

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