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21 Oct

So after waiting a couple of days for the pictures from the VelvetStyle mixer to give my blog verdict, I have decided that the show must go on. (My camera is MIA and I am waiting for an attendee to email them to me) When I get the pictures, you will all be the first to know. Till then, I thought I would do a sort of follow up to my last blog and talk about “twitter networking.”

Just about everyone uses twitter these days. From corporations to small-time entrepreneurs to bloggers and every day people promoting themselves and their interests. So it begs the question, how does one take twitter from a way to “meet people” or gain a “following”  to a way to network? The other important question of course is why. Why should you network on twitter?

To begin with the “why” first: It is a way to get to know people who you can learn from without even meeting them. “Tweeps” can and will give you tips on your website, blog, your resume, where you should be looking for  careers and how to manage and grow your online presence. The best part of course is that people give you all this information for free. I believe it because I have lived it. How do you think I met Nicole? I started following  her “MsCareerGirl” twitter, loved what she talked about, sent her an email, and the rest as they say is history. I now work as the Events Coordinator and will continue to do so, even when I find that full-time career starter that yes, I am still hunting for.

Now for the “how”: Well, they’re a lot of theories as to how to network on twitter but here are a few tips that I have received so far:

  • “Clean up” your twitter. This means no inappropriate language, pictures, etc. Ask yourself: would you hire yourself if you saw your twitter content?
  • Talk about things related to your industry, re-tweet what others are saying.
  • Invest in other people and their interests. You will always make more friends and professional relationships by caring about what others have to say
  • Participate in tweet chats. (See “My Favorite networking tweeps & topics” below)
  • Be real. Be professional but people like real people. Talk about an event you went to, or a new restaurant you like, or something you saw on the news, etc but do it with good taste
  • Self-promotion should take a back seat. Now if you have a “professional twitter page” too, then of course this needs to be strategic but the other rules still apply

I can honestly say that I have benefited in raising my twitter presence and have built relationships with people I have met or plan to meet up with in person. I am exchanging emails with people for their events, their new business ideas or current businesses and receiving great feedback for career contacts and leads. The key is of couse I am genuinely interested in the people I follow and I genuinely want to get know them and see how I can help them as well. The key is authenticity.

If you want to find out more about twitter and not just twitter, but in general how to use social media for professional reasons, then you will love the next “Connect” event which is “Social Media.” It takes place on November 17th at “Proof Chicago” and you can register on the eventbrite invite.

So please let me know what do you think about networking on twitter. Are you yay or nay towards it? What are your concerns and what are any success stories you have had? I want to know! Rather than leave you with upcoming events for this weekend, in connection with this post, I thought I would leave you with “My favorite networking tweeps and twitter topics below.” Maybe you will follow them and they’ll become your favorite too!



“Some of my favorite networking tweeps and twitter topics”

@MsCareerGirl, @312techie, @Dance_OutLoud, @Chi_DMB, @MingleAround @girlmeetsgreek @SteveGOGreek, @dealumpireAlex, @theMikePhillips @BriteChicago

#foodiechat 7PM Monday CST

#jobhuntchat 9PM Monday CST

#ChiWeekly 8PM Tuesdays CST

#usguys 24/7


2 Responses to “Twitter networking”

  1. Jill Jackson October 21, 2011 at 6:44 pm #

    Love your blogs! Can’t wait to read more. BTW, thanks for the twitter shout out! XO @MingleAround

  2. Teresa Candelario October 31, 2011 at 8:56 am #

    Wow!! So nice of you!! Thanks!!!

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