Thank you to all my Mentors

24 Oct

Since the ancient times, people have had mentors. Example: Plato was the student of Socrates. So if a great like Plato can have a mentor, I think we all should definitely have one too. As a young professional, I certainly think having a couple is not too many.

It is pretty obvious by now that Nicole is a mentor of mine. She has grown a business (, a network and a social media family from a blog. I hope to one day have the kind of networking and social media skills that she does. She directly has also given me the chance to practice my passion of marketing and event planning through Ms Career Girl Media. I have a direct mentor in my field, who I not only work with but also a friend. Who’s your field/industry mentor?

Another mentor I have is my brother’s friend Jon. Believe it or not, I have never actually met Jon face-to-face. We have communicated by email throughout my stay in Chicago. Jon is my mentor because he is pretty much responsible for what I think is a darn good cover letter template. As a college graduate, I thought I knew how to write a cover letter. As someone who is on “the outside,” Jon gave it to me straight: not sugar-coated, not with a hard shell. just flat out, practical, objective, written communication advice.  In addition, Jon has been very helpful in pointing out the right direction. Like Nicole, he knows people. (Thanks Jon!) Have you got your own Jon? And if you don’t, why on earth not?

Then there’s one of my professors from college-Mary Edrington, who is pretty much the marketing guru in the form of a professor. Prof Edrington not only teaches you what you need to know, she helps you out of the classroom whether it’s in networking, in marketing knowledge or keep you in the-know about who’s hiring and who to talk to. During my “summer of growth” as I call it, Professor Edrington was a tower of strength. For me, she is the “original mentor”: seen it all, done it all and now passing on her words of advice. Do you still keep in touch with your original mentors? Remember mentoring is a two-way relationship.

Now I do have to give a cheers to my brothers, especially Ejus who has taken me under his wing and has not only networked on my behalf but like all of my mentors, shown me where to look. I must say too that all my siblings and parents have always been good personal and professional examples for me. Thus, I cannot mention mentoring without mentioning all of them. Their professional and personal support has just always kept me going. Mentors are the support system of your professional life.

So please if you don’t have a mentor, get one; get a few. You really can’t make it in life “all by yourself.” At least I’ve never met someone who has. So please tell me-what do your mentors provide you in terms of professional and personal support? And what do you think a good mentor does or should do? To all of mine I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU!




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