Different strokes for different folks…

8 Nov


Last Friday, as promised, I was at a MingleAround event, witnessing dating mixers in Chicago first hand.

I must say firstly that Jill Jackson, the owner of Mingle Around is a very sweet and friendly lady and if you’re dealing with issues of the heart, she seems like the kind of person you definitely want to work with. Still, I am in my 20s, fresh off the college boat and but for my friend from college who came with me, I would have probably been the only person there in their early 20s. Which brings me to the subject title-different strokes for different folks.

The mixers put on by Mingle Around which can be signed up for on  http://www.minglearound.com/ are clearly a great way to meet people. Something can be said for these events bridging the gap between online dating and real live dating. Jill clearly has a great market for it in Chicago: people in their 30s, 40s who need a little push, who are busy and probably don’t have time for bar awkwardness and who want something to do on Friday or Saturday night anyway. The point is, from the people I spoke to, the expectation of the main audience met the delivery which is one of the golden rules of planning an event so good job Jill!

A reporter from ABC 7 Chicago also happened to be there and asked about what I think of these events, dating in general, etc. Now, as a recent college graduate who, as I told the abc 7 reporter likes “traditional” ways of dating. i.e. the awkwardness of meeting a guy at a bar, café, gym etc, the “nuts and bolts” party was not for me and having said that, it was it was not intended for me. (Although I did some professional networking as always ;)) However, as I told the reporter too, putting yourself out there in dating is hard and just like networking for professional reasons,  it takes practice, personal investment and patience. So kudos to all the people who are doing the most scariest kind of networking in this busy society-networking for the heart! Yikes! What do you all think is the best way to “network for the heart?” Are you more traditional or are you going for it online and through events like this?

To check out the abc 7 “Nuts and Bolts” mixer on TV (of which I am hoping the reporter uses as little film of me as possible), tune in November 13 @ 10P.M. And if you would like to make fun of me in person, if he uses anything from me, I will be working the 2 events in my EVENTMARKETINGROOKIE REMINDERS below!




1.  Dance_OutLoud -THIS FRIDAY -11.11.11, 7PM-10PM @Brownstone Tavern   http://danceoutloud.org/dol/   Why? Because you get to dance around around to music from the 80s, 90s, and 00s in costume for ovarian cancer!

2. MsCareerGirl Connect “Social Media” Panel -NEXT THURSDAY 11.17.11 630PM @ProofChicago  http://www.eventbrite.com/event/2322115510/5Dollars/21569237114 Why? Why? Because professionals get ahead by expanding their circle and because social media is here to stay!


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