Social Media Management/Madness (Part 1)

16 Nov

This week I’ve been thinking about  social media management and how it is pretty much part and parcel of life as I know it. I’m an active user of facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. Obviously, I have a blog, and I am on Google+, though I am less active on there. If this isn’t enough, yesterday, I also decided to join Tumblr (because I wanted to get to really know it) and the new craze Tout  (because being a marketer, I have learned I have to be in the know).

After joining both of these, it dawned on me that social media, like anything else, can become a tool for good or evil; something to control and use effectively, or something that can become an obsession.

When I’m on social media, I’m usually on it with a purpose. I use it to keep up with people I know, to engage with new people, to network,  to share opinions and information I find useful and interesting and all of that jazz. I also use it for work-to promote events, get event ideas, tap into “influencers” marketing strategies, etc. Actually,  MsCareerGirl is officially launching MCG Media- a full service online marketing firm- so my relationship with social media will only increase and I will be doing a lot more marketing and social media management in addition to event coordination. (YAY!)

Still, as I joined these new sites and pondered the tool that is social media, I began to wonder: how many social media sites do we really need to be on? As a marketer, I need to know what’s going on and it is a fact that social media is here to stay both within marketing and separate from it. As a plain ol’ human being, I like it; it’s a fun tool and it’s a good way to interact. However, as both a marketer and a plain ol’ human being, when does social media become “too much?” How do you truly manage social media effectively and make the best use of it? Most importantly, how do you keep social media management from becoming social media madness? What do I mean by social media madness? Where social media isn’t a tool but the beginning and the end of what we do and who we are. With that said, does social media madness even exist? What do you think?

I’m hoping to find out some of these answers, and more about how to best use social media effectively for personal and professional reasons at tomorrow’s “Ms Career Girl Connect” event. As well, I hope to  find out how to prevent social media madness, if it does exist (and I do believe it does).  Here’s more about the event: 

Having planned it, I can honestly say between the expert panel, popular Chicago food trucks catering (that use social media) and the champagne, we’ll be able to guzzle down all the information with ease.  I will be sure too, to follow up my findings with a Part 2 of this post. If you need any more prompting (if you’re in the Chicago area), as I said earlier: social media is here to stay and you don’t want to be left behind. If you need a reminder of what it’s like to be left behind, turn on the business news.




2 Responses to “Social Media Management/Madness (Part 1)”

  1. fordaze November 17, 2011 at 9:05 am #

    Hey Kovie,

    Great post. Yes social media management can easily lead to “madness”! I think it’s important that everyone (individuals AND companies) to pause on occasion to make sure their social media efforts reflect their goals. It’s OK for your goal to simply be to meet new friends but lots of times we forget about 2-way engagement and most importantly LISTENING!

    So happy to have you part of the team!


    • eventmarketingrookie November 17, 2011 at 11:08 am #

      Well I’m learning from the best 🙂 But I agree, listening in social media, like in “real” life cannot be emphasized enough.

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