Staying Focused through the Holidays…Fa la la la la la la la la

29 Nov

The Holidays are here and just as in college, after Thanksgiving weekend, it seems tempting to just try and “get through” till Christmas break. Anybody else feel like this?

Unlike college, where if you’re disciplined enough, you’ll secure your grade prior to the post-Thanksgiving exams and finals; this is the real world, and while every day is not an exam, you really just can’t “get through.” Whether it’s the middle of March or December, for most of us, we have to “power through.” In fact, the holiday season for many means even more work than usual!

I decided if I’m feeling like I need to stay extra focused this first holiday period out of school, somebody out there probably is too. So I thought why not apply some of the tricks I used in college, as well as some new tricks I have learned and give you 5 WAYS TO STAY FOCUSED THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS:

1. Set short-term Holiday Goals. If you are already a goal-setter, this may seem redundant but the power of writing down goals, reading them regularly, and following through on them cannot be emphasized enough. Now make these ones holiday specific and let the magic happen!

2. Initiate a Reward System. Because it can be difficult to focus during the Holidays, come up with a reward system. Example-consider buying yourself a gift. Every time you do something good- finish a project on time, send out emails by a specific deadline, etc-increase the price of your gift, within reason of course.

3. Stay Organized. During college, staying organized was especially hard during the Holidays. However, an organized space (however you organize your space) makes for an organized brain, and as you are already stressed out, wishing you didn’t have to do as much as you do, come up with an organization method. This has been working for me lately-spend 10 minutes at the beginning of the day organizing and another 10 minutes at the end of the day, re-organizing. The key is sticking to 10 minutes!

4. Do unto others (Volunteer). It may sound silly to give time to others when it seems you have so little of it or maybe I am one of those people who gets more done, when I have more to do and (for better or for worse) vice versa. Anyhow, volunteering on some special event may make scheduling your days easier as you know you will have to get stuff done before and after it. More importantly, helping others makes you feel good about yourself and a positive spirit helps with Holiday stress.

5. “Me” time is a must.  If you’re one of those people where your volunteering is your “me” time, give yourself a pat on the back and still continue to read on. “Me time” is a must because as I mentioned, Holiday stress exists. Don’t quote me on this but I recall once reading that depression spikes during the Holiday season. So, every week promise me and yourself that you will spend at least 1-2 hours doing something for you!

I hope you’ll enjoy these 5 tips and please, please, please, as I am spending my first holiday not in school for the first time, I want to know: What are your secrets for staying focused during the Holidays?





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