Let us Reflect.

27 Dec

The buzz word this week is reflection and it ought to be. The year is coming to a close and for some reason the new year always brings a sense of relief; a sense of a fresh-start. At least for me it does. If we’re really honest, “New Year’s” day is just another day. Still, if perception is anything and I believe it is, then the new year tends to feel “new,” and for a lot us, that’s a good thing.

For some people this past year has brought a great deal of joy, of love, of happiness, and 2011 would have been a year to remember. They’ll be hoping the good times keep rolling in 2012. For others, this might have been a year of pain, of distress, of confusion, and a year they would be glad to erase from memory. For others, 2012 cannot come fast enough. For most of us, however, I suspect that this year has been a little bit of everything as any year tends to be. Or perhaps if we are really positive, we can consider that we are alive and breathing, and  if have our health and believe happiness is a choice,  we can say this year, like most years, has been good…for the most part.

At Christmas mass, the priest urged the congregation to reflect on our year (as if I needed any encouragement). But I have to that add he did it in a sublime manner and challenged us to be really objective with ourselves.  To call the good, good, and the bad, bad and the mundane, mundane. So this entire week, I shall ponder. This year was a graduation/post-graduation period and with that came the joy of accomplishment and the excitement of the “transition.” In my case, it also ended up being a period of uncertainty and confusion.

Anyway, I challenge you use this week to really soul search and to be honest with yourself. What did you learn this year? When you remember this year,  what will you remember? What is your 2011 reflection? I’ll ponder, you’ll ponder, we’ll ponder together, and by Friday,  maybe the eventmarketingrookie will get a little deep with you. 😉




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