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Stuff of Legends.

10 Jan

Thierry Henry 1/9/2012

I will preface this post by saying I am a huge soccer fan (I prefer the term football but when in Rome….or America, you know how it goes.) Specifically, I am an Arsenal fan. To be honest, “fan” doesn’t really explain my love for Arsenal. I absolutely LOVE this team and unless you’re one of those people who  also LOVES a sports team, no words will really explain it. Yesterday, I watched an Arsenal Legend, Thierry Henry, score a goal; the only goal in the game, upon his return to Arsenal. (Technically, he is only on loan as he plays for the New York Bulls regularly but let’s not get caught up in details). To give you a bit of background about Henry, he is Arsenal’s record goal scorer, one of the most beloved players of the last decade, and a true legend. Why am I telling you this? Because I think we should all try to be legendary.

A couple of weeks ago, I heard another quote from one of the clients at MCG Media Inc who said something about another sports legend that we all know well. He said, “you have to to go to work every day like you’re Michael Jordan.” Why did he say this? Because Michael Jordan was the best. Like Henry, he is a living legend. But what does it really take to be a legend? What do you think it takes?

It seems to me that you have to have a top notch work ethic, you have to have a big belief in yourself to accompany that work ethic; you have to be disciplined and perhaps, most importantly, you have to be passionate. Why is passion most important? Because the last time I checked, nobody ever became a legend by doing something that they were not passionate about.

 It’s not so much that being a legend means you’re only doing what fulfills that passion; but that whatever you do, will allow you to live that passion or take you one step closer to it.

Now I want to be sure to clarify that when I say “do something legendary”, I don’t mean do something that will make you famous necessarily or rich necessarily, although there is nothing wrong with either one of those things (when they do not become a vice). What I mean is, though we have to pay the bills, though we have to be practical, I don’t think we’re here by chance; I think we get one life and I think even in the most anonymous way, we can be extraordinary.  We can use our gifts and talents and turn them into something good that is useful for others, in one way or another. I think we ought to make a difference, if only a small one. And in the end, that is the stuff of legends.

What do you think?