What Tim Tebow taught us.

3 Feb

Now that Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, I can openly confess that I was indeed part of #TeamTebow, if only semi-actively. As someone who is not the biggest fan of the sport, any usual commentary I make about the it ought to be taken with a grain of salt. But, if Tim Tebow can get me to actually CARE about professional football (other than bowl games), then the guy is worth a mention isn’t he?

For the record, I am a sports fan. A huge sports fan – the original football, (soccer 😉 ), tennis and basketball are just the sports I generally am willing to spend time watching. (This is usually how people tend to know I’m foreign Ha) Still, I have been doing much better with football and have actually been watching ALL the 4th quarters of games J. I’ve also been paying attention to media about the game and for much of the season, Tebow seemed to dominate a lot of the talk. Of course, there is #TeamTebow and there is #antiTimTebow. Some people joined his bandwagon fan team (cough, cough) and some people joined his bandwagon hate team. But whether you hate or love the guy, one simply has to admit that Tebow is worth learning from.


  1. Sometimes it’s better to be the underdog. This is a guy who has achieved pretty much everything that he was told he wouldn’t be “good enough” to achieve. Putting your football bias aside – you must take something out of this. People telling Tim he couldn’t do something and be someone was a strong motivator for him, as it should be for all of us. Of course, many of us allow others to tell us what we can and cannot become especially when the odds are against us. Tebow shows us how best to react – succeed.
  2. Faith. Okay, Tim Tebow didn’t teach me a faith or how to have faith (I’ll thank my parents for this one) but he is a shining example of the quintessential  biblical “faith and works.” He wasn’t only willing to be the work to become great, he BELIEVED that he would be great.
  3. Dare to be different. Tim was often hounded for praying on the field or talking about Jesus (I mean God forbid….pun intended. Though the 1st Amendment still protected this?) Well, some people found all his “Jesus talk” annoying, to say the least. I’d be willing to bet that if he were to talk about “bottles and models,” it might be more acceptable in our pop culture. Funny enough Tim showed how different you could be simply by really being yourself.

Okay, so maybe Tim Tebow didn’t teach me anything new; I’ve been taught all of this since as a long as I can remember. And  of course this year, Tim won’t be at the Super bowl. Still, Tim to me is a shining example of many of the things I want to become – in my professional and personal life. So, as we all get ready for Super bowl XLVI, I just wanted to give Time Tebow one last round of applause and a note of gratitude: Thanks for all the #TebowTime!

SO let me know – what did you think of Tebow? Were you a fan or a hater? Did you learn ANYTHING from Tebow or did I just cause you to roll your eyes more with this piece? Let’s talk. 




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