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Do you suffer from the Holiday Blues?

20 Dec

I will begin with a disclaimer: I celebrate Christmas therefore I refer to the Holidays as Christmas for the most part. I know that everyone is so concerned with being PC these days but this is my blog, and I’ll cry if I want to…or at least say Christmas.

Now that we have that disclaimer out the way, let it be known that I do like Christmas, as far as the “true” meaning of Christmas is concerned anyway. As someone who is active in my faith, it goes without saying that it is a significant celebration.  However, all throughout college and for most of high school, I just wanted the Christmas season to come fast and leave faster. Every time I would tell people that I didn’t care for Christmas, you would think I had told them that I just killed a puppy. Anyway, as I have found out, I am not the only one who gets the Holiday Blues. This year, I have been especially conscientious and have taken care to avoid these blues…sort of. If you already have them, well, I’m no expert but it’s never too late to turn that frown upside down, or at least keep a straight face. (At this point, I want to give another disclaimer that if you do suffer from Depression during this period, and not just “the Blues,” then you might want to see an expert.)

The following are 5 things that have worked for me in what I call “How to Avoid the Holiday Blues.”

1. REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES. One of the reasons why some people get the blues around this time of year is that they associate the period with a lot of stress and sometimes even unhappy memories. However, unless every single one of your Holidays has just been a complete disaster, I suggest making a conscious effort to remember any good memories you have of Christmas. It’s a lot easier to remember the bad than it is the good. If we supposedly become our thoughts, however, then we better keep those thoughts positive!

2. MAKE IT YOUR CHRISTMAS. As I said, one of the reasons I continue to endure Christmas is because for me it has religious meaning and therefore I try to keep the focus on that as well. Another way that I make it “my Christmas” is, funny enough, trying to focus on other people during this time of year. For me, this means making an extra effort to give time or donations to people who cannot return the favor. Just like the rest of the year, being kind to others makes me feel better. Try it, if you aren’t already!

3. KEEP UP WITH YOUR EXERCISE ROUTINE. I will admit that sticking to an exercise regime during this time of year takes twice the effort. But you know what they say, exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy!

4. JUST SAY NO. Yes, even during the Holidays be sure to stay away from illegal substances. But that’s not what I’m referring to here. If having to go to  many events during this time of year causes you stress, I suggest making adjustments and cutting back. Sometimes it’s the stress of having to do so much, whether it’s a lot of cooking or a lot of shopping, etc, that can really bring some people down. Some events and tasks are unavoidable but if you need the help: ask!

5. MUSIC HELPS. This year, I finally came up with my own personal Christmas playlist. At this point, I have to thank Spotify; it is the best thing that has happened to my music life this year and the reason why I have my Christmas playlist. (Check them out!) I chose Christmas songs that I remember and adored from my childhood as well as some new hits including  Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe”, “Pray” and “Drummer Boy.” Go ahead, judge me but how can you hate JB after those songs? I also highly recommend Michael Buble’s Christmas CD. By the way, his version of “All I want for Christmas” is so much better than Mariah’s. I’ve been wanting to put this in writing since I heard it. If you can attend a live concert or musical, even better!

Have you got any tips to avoid the Holiday Blues? Please share!  At the end of the day, remember that the best Christmas gift you can give your loved ones is a healthy and happy you!