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The New Workout Plan

24 Jan

If you’re wondering if I stole that title from Kanye’s song…you’re absolutely right. I did. But now that I’ve given him credit, I am hoping not to be sued by anyone. Indeed, today’s topic is about working out – everyone’s favorite topic! Well, it’s not everyone’s favorite topic but alas, it is still a very important topic for all the reasons you and I both know such as :

Exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy!


A healthy body is a healthy mind!

Exercise: via http://www.mylot.com

Okay, I’ll cut out the corny sayings (for now). Let us assume that you’ve been working out as hard as you wanted to when you made your New Year Resolutions a couple of weeks ago. (Yes, I know what assumption make me.) Still, we all need a reminder to “shake it up a bit”…our routine that is. I find that many people will do the exercise that a.) they like the most or b.) feel is the easiest. Still, it seems to me that many of us are cheating ourselves at of our workouts and not only when we do not commit to a schedule. Now, I do not take for granted that people have unequal bodies and suffer unequal injuries or discomfort in one body part or the other. Doing the same workout routine, week-in, week-out while IS better than doing nothing, is NOT the best you can do.


 Your body is like your brain. If it’s not learning anything new…well, it’s not learning anything new. Which means you’re probably getting less and less out of your workouts. 

I compare it to reading the same book over and over again. Imagine if you read 1 book all year. At some point, you’d probably know everything about the book and as much as you love that book, you’re never going to learn anything else if you only read that book. Good analogy or bad analogy? You tell me.

The great thing about Chicago is that it is a very exercise-friendly city, though it is by no-means known for being an “in-shape” city. That said, there is a gym or an exercise studio on every corner so there is indeed an opportunity to shake-it up whether you have a gym membership or not! This month I tried out 2 awesome studios in Lincoln Park which I must commend for shaking-up the “workout-spehere” (Yes, I just made that up). Fit Lincoln Park is great for a very personalized gym experience with very small class sizes and by small I mean, 3-5 people for many of the studio classes. The trainers there also offer a personal training experience. The only thing I will say about Fit Lincoln Park is do not take their “RIPPED” class after a two-week hiatus of not working out. Trust me.

I also tried Barre Bee Fit which I must admit I have a personal bias because I have gotten to know the trainers there and they are awesome. Each Barre Bee Fit class is different and consists of dance moves and stretches, circuit and set-workouts and some yoga and pilates moves! It’s like an all-in-one stop that mostly targets women! In fact, to find out a little bit more about what a Barre Bee Fit Experience is like, here is a piece I wrote: After The Barre: My Post – Barre Bee Fit Experience.

Now, I am no EXPERT. Actually for legal reasons, let me make that a little more conscpicuous:

I AM NOT AN EXPERT. THESE ARE NON-EXPERT VIEWS from a girl who loves working out, trying new things and giving some local Chicago places a little love every now and then. What is something new you want to try out with your workout plan this year? Whether it’s running a half-marathon, spinning, taking a Zumba or kickboxing class, I say the more variety, the better! What do you think?