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“People of Twitter”

31 Jan

This post is inspired by People of Walmart which is one of my online guilty pleasures. Whoever came up with the idea for the site deserves a very important award (if they don’t have one already). So I figure, why not tell some interesting stories about one of my favorite online places – Twitter. Why Twitter? Because twitter has the most interesting characters or stereotypes in my opinion.

1. “THE EGG” – Or better know as the person who doesn’t have an avi.  Really? There is this thing called a camera. Let me help you out – you probably have one on the device you’re using to tweet. There’s also this thing called Google Images. Notwithstanding copyright laws, you might be able to find a picture there that represents you or whatever your twitter handle is. My personal rule on this one is quite simple – UNLESS I KNOW YOU PERSONALLY, I will never “follow” an egg on my twitter. Simple as that.

2. “THE PARODY.” Some parodies are pretty “legit” to be honest. One of my favorite ones is  GrandadJFreeman and I think that’s about the only one I can stand. Granted, he can be inappropriate whilst being funny but if that isn’t the purpose of a parody I don’t know what is. Most other parodies are a obnoxious. They can be compared to a mean but popular high schooler who may be “popular” but is actually the most disliked person in the room. They say things just to get “retweets” and of course fellow “tweeps” indulge them. Actually the fact that parodies tend to have as many followers as they do is evidence that people are so darn unoriginal. (Pun intended…parody…unoriginal get it? No? Never mind then.)

3. “ENDLESS QUOTER” – I love quotes as much as the next guy but unless your twitter is specifically for this purpose, let me put this to you simply – I may have followed you out of the courtesy that you were not an egg or a loud-mouth parody but YOU ARE STILL ANNOYING. Tell me something that google searching “inspiring quotes” won’t. I bet you can’t. Give it a rest already, and tweet something real.

4. “NON-EXISTENT. You have 3000 followers, you follow those 3000 people, and have 0 Tweets?  Please get off twitter. NOW.

5. “FOREVER SUB TWEETING”. – I understand the need to get on twitter and vent, (though, I myself still prefer the good old fashion Eminem playlist on high volume) but people who spend 99% of their tweets complaining about something or someone in a passive aggressive manner really have to realize two things: 1.) nobody really cares too much and 2.)  you look really IMMATURE. Grow up.

So glad I got this off my chest. What stereotypes do you think should be on “People of Twitter?” Which people of twitter do you love to hate? I WANT TO KNOW!  

p.s. If you don’t have a sense of humor….well, I am not really sorry if you were offended. Sorry I’m not sorry I guess. Ha. 😉