5 Things I hate about Chicago A.K.A. #Chicagoproblems

5 Jan

I am a city girl- in my heart and in reality. And most of the time, I am grateful I live in the big city, but there are some days where I absolutely just need to rant about it. Today is one of those days.  So come along with me on my rant that I call –

“5 Things I hate about Chicago A.K.A #Chicagoproblems.”

1. THE CTA. (or the Chicago Transit Authority) Yesterday, my CTA pass which I had put money on the day before, decided that it was going to be “invalid” while boarding the bus.  (Did I mention that I waited for the bus for nearly 25 minutes?) Sure it was a beautiful day so I took it in my stride and walked to a line stop where I got some help but that’s not the point.  No city transportation system is perfect but the CTA needs to get their act together. Late buses and trains, unpredictable delays and more importantly the state of some of their lines (a.k.a. the Red Line) are just not up to scratch. Now, conversely one of the reasons I love Chicago is that it is a commuter city and being without a car is possible, even favorable at times. Oh well, as Jen Lancaster writes in Bitter is the new Black, “the problem with mass transportation is that it transports the masses.”

2. PRICES. Being that I just lived  in Des Moines, Iowa for four years while at Drake University this is a given. While I love the fact that I have access to big city things, Chicago prices have me shaking my head as I pay for things. I mean, this is still the Midwest! Why does everything cost so much? (p.s. this is  a rhetorical question, I happen to be quite familiar with the economics of the city)

3. WINTER. To be fair, winter has been kind so far so I really should not be complaining this year. But the ridiculousness of the weather changes never ceases to work on my nerves. A couple of days ago, it went from a really nice and pleasant Christmas and New Year to “I CANNOT FEEL MY FINGERS IN THIS BLOODY WIND!” I mean be cold, be really cold (okay, please don’t) but be consistent. I know what you’re thinking, if I don’t like it, I should move and you’re probably right, I should. But if you’re in Chicago, you know all too well that complaining about the weather is just what we do here.

4. PEOPLE. Everyone in Chicago thinks they’re so cool because they live in Chicago (myself included). Well, everyone needs to take a chill pill. This is still not New York and as much as we’d like to think we’re mini-New York, we’re still not New Yorkers. No, we’re not that busy and we are most certainly not that rude. Like I said earlier, this is the Midwest. Conversely, there is nothing more obnoxious than people from the burbs thinking that they’re still in the burbs when they come to the city. If you’re a Chicagoan you know what I mean and if you’re not, well too bad. (Oops, there goes that Chicago attitude 😉 )

5. CONSTRUCTION. Chicago is FOREVER Under Construction. And I’m starting to think that if they construct things RIGHT the first time, maybe, just maybe, we won’t have to forever be taking this detour or that detour or trying to figure out where we are. Take the road to O’Hare for example, when is that thing going to be complete? I’m just saying.

Wow. I feel much better. I definitely contemplated not posting this because I am a firm believer that you shouldn’t complain about things that you can’t change and most of the above are things I can’t change. But, I thought why not? If nothing else, it might make someone laugh, as I did while writing it. Do you live in Chicago? What are your favorite Chicago problems? If you don’t live in Chicago, can you identify with any of the above? Tell me about your city problems!

At the end of the day, Chicago is now my city and I will defend it against all outsiders but once in a while, in true Chicago fashion, I just have to rant about #Chicagoproblems.